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 We enable leaders to thrive and organisations to flourish through high impact coaching solutions

We are reinventing the way traditional coaching programmes are delivered to ensure people and businesses are successfully supported in today's rapidly changing workplaces

When your people thrive so does your business

Our ambition is simple, we want to equip today’s managers and leaders for tomorrow’s challenges. We want to enable more impactful and inspiring conversations through our coaching solutions. We don’t believe coaching should be reserved for senior executives or that coaching skills should be only used by coaches. A coaching approach transforms relationships, thinking, performance and wellbeing. It allows creativity and innovation to flourish bringing growth to people and businesses.   We want to bring a coaching approach to as many leaders and managers within organisations as possible. 

Why coaching and why now?

A coaching approach draws on the many skills and strengths associated with the effective leadership qualities needed for the turbulent times we are living through. A coaching approach supports people and organisations through extended periods of change, uncertainty, and challenge. Coaching helps to develop a mindset that is curious and optimistic about the future. It allows people to plan, prepare, pivot and respond to whatever comes. It helps people prepare and navigate the predicable and the unpredictable in an effective, healthy, and sustainable way. The benefits of a coaching approach to people and organisations are extensive, to read more about why organisations invest in coaching click here


Our Approach

Changing times and new research means time for a new approach to coaching. Our high impact coaching programmes deliver agreed outcomes in a more efficient and effective way.  All our coaching solutions are scalable, credible, aligned and outcomes-focused.


We help organisations bring coaching solutions to more of their people in a cost efficient and sustainable way. Bringing coaching to more people across your organisation increases its impact on your people and your business performance.


Our Whole Story Coaching Model provides a coaching framework designed to get the heart of the matter in less time, therefore increasing the impact of both participants and organisations. Our model is evidence-based and puts the whole person at the heart of what we do. 


We recognize that every business has a different story so we customise programmes to align with your organisational culture and strategy. Therefore increasing the impact achieved in relation to your desired people and business outcomes. 


We bring a wide range of theory, tools and techniques to our programmes to support organisational and individual goals whatever they may be.  Our coaching with content approach increases the  impact of coaching outcomes by offering useful content to deepen the conversation and development of  participants.

Our Programmes


High Impact 1-1 Coaching
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Coaching Skills Training


Bespoke Programmes

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Some of our previous clients 

"The coaching helped not only to develop our leaders, who grew in confidence and leadership capability, but this also had a very positive impact on our culture overall.  Jane’s personable style, coupled with her knowledge of the insurance industry was a real asset to our people and business."

Jo, HR Director, Insurance Industry

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