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Coaching Skills for Leaders

"The most common source of mistakes in management decisions is the emphasis on finding the right answer rather than the right question.​"
- Peter Drucker -

Not so long ago being great at your job meant having the right answers. Not anymore. The world and the way we work has changed. And the pace in which it continues to change is leading to continued disruption and uncertainty. 


Today’s managers and leaders need to continually adapt, inspire, influence, and foster a culture of trust, collaboration, innovation and creativity.  To support these changing needs the role of leader is shifting to that of a coach.  And to make this transition leaders need support and expertise which is where we come in.

How do we learn to have inspiring and impactful conversations?  How often is there balance between how much we listen and talk?  The way we communicate has changed, we’re more likely to email or message someone than to talk to them.  Introducing coaching skills can transform the way we talk, listen and interact with others. A move towards a coaching culture can transform an organisation and its results.




Our Coaching Skills Programme is for leaders and future leaders.  The programmes have been created from evidence-based research, decades of leadership and training experience as well as being in line with the ICF and the EMCC core competencies.   As with all our services they are underpinned by our Whole Story Coaching model, click HERE  to learn more.

Our training programmes are delivered by one of our experienced accredited Work Story coaches. It’s delivered virtually in a supportive, fun learning environment over 5 half day sessions at times to suit you. We create cohorts of up to 12 employees from your organization offering them peer connection and a way to support, learn and collaborate with each other during and beyond the programme.

Mikolaj Jucewicz

William Hill-888

“Highly relevant, engaging, deeply grounded in psychological safety. Participants received a great toolkit packed with helpful coaching tools."

Rotimi Fawole


"Our cohort was really impressed by the practical experience with which our trainers illustrated the various bits of coaching theory. They  made time for  personal/tailored feedback during our breakout sessions, so  everyone came away feeling uniquely empowered."

Eric Palau


"Really good and useful training provided by Jayne and Jane. All the topics were very useful and the material provided was excellent! totally recommendable!"
Overview of our Coaching Skills for Impact programme content:

Module 01

Building Foundations

What is coaching and when should it be used. Contracting.  A Coaching Mindset. An introduction to listening.

Module 02

Inspiring Conversations

Asking great questions. Advanced listening. Coaching conversation frameworks.

Module 03

Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Outcomes 

Goal setting and well-formed outcomes. Limiting beliefs and overcoming barriers.

Module 04

Feedback & Navigating Difficult Conversations

Exploring different communication styles and coaching presence.  Giving feedback and managing difficult conversations.

Module 05

Change, Wellbeing and the Future

Managing uncertainty and change. Looking after the wellbeing of you and your team. Ethics. Future learning and development.


Beyond the Programme

Included in all our Coaching Skills for Impact training programmes; welcome pack, tools booklet, between session activities, post programme learning plan. Additionally, we also offer ongoing professional development, supervision and booster topics.


"Highly Recommend"

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