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High Impact 1-1 Coaching

Our high impact 1-1 coaching programmes provide a space for our clients to think, focus on their own agenda, raise the issues that need to be resolved, create a plan to achieve their goals, and develop as leaders. 


The increasing emphasis on authentic leadership means leaders and managers bring more of their personality to work. Working with our instincts,  and navigating our differences are frequent talking points where working with a coach provides valuable support.  All our coaching sessions are informed by our ‘Whole Story Coaching Model’ which supports our philosophy of bringing our whole self to work.


Through a series of powerful and targeted coaching conversations in a confidential space our coaches support, challenge thinking and inspire action. Every coaching intervention is different and designed around the needs and outcomes of the individual client whilst insuring alignment with organisational goals.

What makes these conversations so powerful is the impact at organisational level, when we are coaching at scale,  not only do we bring coaching to more people in a cost efficient and sustainable way, but our process of rigorous goal alignment ensures the impact of each individual improvement translates into a significant shift in overall business performance

 Our high impact 1-1 coaching programmes deliver agreed outcomes in a more efficient and effective way.  All our coaching solutions are scalable, credible, aligned and outcomes-focused.


We help organisations bring coaching to more of its people in a cost efficient and sustainable way. Bringing coaching to more people across your organisation increases its impact on your people and your business performance.


Our Whole Story Coaching Model is evidence-based and puts the whole person at the heart of what we do. It provides a coaching framework designed to get the heart of the matter in less time, therefore increasing the impact of both participants and organisations.  


We recognize that every business has a different story so we customise programmes to align with your organisational culture and strategy. Therefore increasing the impact achieved in relation to your desired people and business outcomes. 


We bring a wide range of tools and techniques to sessions so every interaction is tailored. Our coaching with content approach increases the  impact of coaching outcomes by offering useful content to deepen the conversation and development of participants.

Our Coaches

Our trusted team are exceptional people who we love working with and we are confident you will too.

All our coaches are experienced, certified and accredited by the world’s leading coaching organisations. In addition, our team have prior leadership experience across a diversity of industries and geographies as well as coaching clients at all levels. The strong business backgrounds of our coaches means they understand  the challenges and opportunities faced by today's leaders and managers. 


Our trusted and highly regarded team align with our values and approach. Every associate joining our team is personally selected and trained by our founding partners. As a result of our in-depth onboarding and ongoing training and mentoring programme for our coaches, we are aligned in our approach and standards. The Work Stories Coaching Model is at the heart of this giving you the reassurance that whenever you interact with a member of the Work Stories team you will consistently experience the highest standard of coaching and training possible.

"My coach was a true inspiration, made me get my work development mojo back. Challenged and excited me. True professional."

Coaching themes

Through our collective experience of coaching we see repeating themes within coaching sessions.  Some examples of our coaching themes are as follows:

  • Managing change effectively

  • Communication; managing conflict, having difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback

  • Increasing self awareness in order to better understand your own thoughts and behaviours

  • Increasing resilience, confidence and reducing overwhelm

  • Maintaining boundaries, increasing productivity and focus

  • Increasing presence, personal impact and influence

  • Stepping up into a new leadership role, first 100 days in role 

  • Discovering, defining and exploring your leadership style

  • Building high performing teams and motivation

  • Shifting from delivery to strategy

Our Coaching with Content approach supports our repeating coaching themes boosting the impact and effectiveness of sessions. Coaching with Content allows the coach to offer useful content that may facilitate the conversation and development of the client by providing a different view point,  a useful framework or a new piece of information.

We have carefully curated coaching resources, content and tools to support each of these themes. Our extensive resource library of trusted and published material ensures our coaches have everything they need to support their clients. These resources maybe shared during or between sessions to further enhance client learning.


How we work

Our High Impact Coaching is delivered in 45 minutes sessions approximately every 2-3 weeks. We have found that more frequent sessions create momentum and result in greater engagement and improved outcomes.

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We deliver exceptional coaching within a process that is simple, efficient and effective. This allows us to deliver high impact programmes at scale that are affordable. Our intake for an individual programme varies between approximately 10 and 150 participants.


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