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A Participant's Perspective: What do people say about our Coaching Skills for Leaders Programme?

Updated: Jan 24

In this article, we explore the qualitative feedback collected from participants across our Coaching Skills for Leaders Programme over the last year. We unravel the raw data to identify key themes that highlight the programme's success, providing valuable insights for prospective participants and organisations considering similar programmes.

As we delve into the qualitative feedback from our participants we’re delighted to share the remarkable metrics achieved in 2023. With an outstanding participant satisfaction score of 9.5/10, coupled with a significant 30% increase in coaching capability and an impressive 36% growth in achieving leadership development goals, the data reinforces the programme's effectiveness in delivering tangible and measurable results.

Key themes from 2023 participant data:

Theme 1: Practical Application and Value

Overview: The discomfort of practising coaching experienced initially, as noted by multiple participants, transformed into tangible and valuable learning experiences. The benefit of practice in creating change in leadership behaviours became evident.

Participant Feedback: Participants consistently expressed the value of putting coaching principles into practice when asked what they found valuable:

"Putting the theories and models into practice - Always uncomfortable at first but definitely very valuable."

"The practice sessions and tools that were shared."

"Practising. It’s made me feel more confident."

"The best bit about the course is how it's been delivered and the practical sessions where we get to work with individuals within the group. I’ve also made interesting connections with people I wouldn’t have met in my business."

We employ a blended learning approach across our programmes. While the psychological tools and theories play a crucial role, it's the practical application that becomes the driving force behind behavioural change, turning knowledge into impactful action. Many participants also highlighted the benefit of making new connections and building relationships with their peers, many of which were created during the practice sessions.

Theme 2: Focus on Active Listening

Overview: Several participants emphasised the importance of active listening as a pivotal skill learned during the programme. The emphasis on active listening proved invaluable in fostering deeper connections.

Participant Feedback (most valuable learnings):


"Active listening has been the most useful thing I have learnt so far. The benefits are massive."

" Active Listening was a powerful light switch moment."

"Active listening & asking more powerful questions as a result of what I heard."

"The power of listening."

"Listening skills, empowering through replay/challenging of beliefs."

"Empathetic listening & reframing of beliefs."

By placing a high importance on active listening, our Coaching Skills for Leaders Programme not only hones a crucial leadership skill but cultivates an environment where understanding and connections thrive, paving the way for profound and transformative leadership journeys.

Theme 3: Structuring Conversations for Maximum Impact

Overview: Participants improved their ability to structure conversations for optimal results and recognised the benefits of clear communication including giving difficult feedback.

Participant Feedback (What’s changed?) :

"Structuring conversations well so my team member will get the most out of the conversation." “I no longer avoid having difficult conversations.” “I feel better equipped to have more tricky conversations so I don’t worry about them as much”

By increasing confidence and capability across communication, our programme not only enhances individual leadership skills and team effectiveness but it also contributes to a workplace culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and resilience, ultimately benefitting the organisation as a whole.

Theme 4: A shift in mindset from fixing and telling to supporting and developing

Overview: Participants experienced a shift in their mindset, transitioning from a fixing and telling one to that of providing support and collaboration.

Participant Feedback:

"I’m more focused on listening to my team and drawing out their thoughts and commitments."

“I don’t try and solve everything.”

"I’ve changed the way I listen and stop giving solutions if not asked for.”

In cultivating a mindset that supports rather than solves, participants not only enhance their leadership effectiveness but also create an environment where individuals and teams feel empowered, ideas flourish, and collaborative solutions thrive, ultimately driving organisational success.


Theme 5: Knowledge Transfer and Sharing

Overview: The emphasis on knowledge and tool-sharing outside the program demonstrated a strong level of confidence in participants ability to use their new skills.

Participant Feedback:

"I’ve actively shared the knowledge and the tools with my team and peers." “I’ve shown 2 of my team how to use some of the tools.”

“I used a tool in a team meeting and others went on to use it in their meetings.”

This commitment to knowledge-sharing not only magnifies the impact on individual growth but creates a ripple effect throughout the organisation, fostering a culture of collaborative success.


Theme 6: Effective Facilitation

Overview: The positive impact of the Work Stories facilitators was consistently highlighted. Participants praised their engaging, empathetic, and professional approach, providing a supportive environment for meaningful learning.

Participant Feedback (on trainers):

"Fantastic engaging facilitation."

"The calmness and inclusiveness of Jane & Jayne made the course so impactful."

"…. amazing, professional, and empathetic."

"They created the space to have open honest discussions."


All our trainers bring a wealth of experience as fully accredited coaches with strong backgrounds in leadership across various industries and geographies. Their extensive prior business experience uniquely positions them to understand the nuanced challenges and opportunities encountered by today’s leaders and managers, ensuring a training experience deeply rooted in practical insights and real-world understanding.



Our Coaching Skills for Leaders Programme has not only achieved impressive numerical ratings but has also left a lasting impact on participants. The impact of our programmes ripple through organisations in a transformative way. As participants apply newfound skills and build confidence, their teams experience a positive change. Effective communication, active listening, continuous learning and supportive leadership become embedded in the organisational culture, creating benefits across countless teams and departments. Our Coaching Skills for Leaders Programme is an investment beyond training—it’s a catalyst for lasting change.

Client HERE to learn more about our programme or email us  to discuss in more detail.

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