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Jayne Reah

Co-founder, Executive Coach & Trainer

I was never intentional about the decisions I made around my career til now. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Opportunities arose and I took them without planning or thinking too much about them. Becoming clear about who I am and what I want was a bit of a game changer and the beginning of a fantastic coaching career that's brought more fufillment from work than I ever thought possible.

My approach

I’m committed to effectively supporting a diverse client portfolio from first time managers through to C-Suite execs. My mission is to help my clients think, feel, and perform at their best.

I create strong partnerships with my clients based on integrity and trust, bringing the right balance of support and challenge.  I believe coaching provides the thinking space for solutions to be created, issues to be resolved and for performance to grow. I work with clients to help them breakthrough unhelpful thinking patterns so they can move forward more effectively.

I approach all my work with an open mind, infectious optimism, a sense of adventure and a sprinkling of humour. I’m honest, energetic, warm, and direct in the way I communicate.

Previous experience

Before setting up my coaching practice in 2019 I spent over 20 years in the marketing and communications industry. I lead multinational teams, large client portfolio and delivered consistent business growth.  My corporate background and leadership experience means I have a solid understanding of complex organisational systems, business strategy and cultures. This knowledge has formed one of the foundations of my coaching practice.


Qualifications & Accreditations

A bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Newcastle

A Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching from Barefoot Coaching, 2020 

PCC Accreditation & Member of the International Coaching Federation

Specialist coaching courses: Sales Mindset Coaching, Navigating uncertainty

Member of the British Psychological Society


What my clients say

“Working with Jayne has been a really positive experience and has helped me to overcome a number of self-made barriers in my career.”

“Jayne is calm, measured, switched on and really practical. She challenged me at every step, helping me to unpick what has been holding me back. I have really valued all Jayne’s feedback and support.”

“Since working with Jayne I understand who I am as a leader and I’m no longer afraid of showing up as that person.”


Jayne Reah
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